Accomnet Human Resources

1.       General

-          Programming language: Visual Basic 2008

-          Database : SQL Server 2008 R2

-          Multilingual: English, Vienamese,Chinese, Japanese, Korean, German, French, Russian

-          Multisuer, interactive, permisson by roles.

-          Acessible by internet

-          Multitier, ready for web- based interface

-          Realtime notification

-          Dynamic

-          Reports :

+ Crystal report -> Print or export to PDF,CSV,Word, Excel etc

+ Excel template

2.       List screens

E.g: Maintenance->Employee, Inventory etc

Click F6 to turn on/off to edit mode, where you can add, edit, add images etc...

3.       Voucher screens

Timesheet, etc

Click F6 to turn on/off to edit mode, where you can add new voucher (F9).

For new voucher Click F3 to save voucher header , then key in the details.

Copy whole voucher : Ctrl + F9

Right click grid to paste proper rows (copy from Excel or anywhere).

Press F12 at cell, to make popup for entering project, report, remarks etc...

4.       Query screens:


Select time, click Execute Button

You can click at right of column headers to filter or hightlight records

Right- click at grid to export to excel and do other tasks.

5.       Manage

Location diagram:

Choose department , click-hold-drag each employee to real working position.

It will be saved automatically

Dash board:

Choose department, select date.

Working situation of each employee at the date will appear, and can distinguished by color



AccomNET HR (2)

Real time login/ attendance notification

1.       Click “Dashboard”, choose department P0X1

At first, you don’t know who is logging, like this:


      Minize this screen, then ->

2.       Click : File> Access log> Current Users

Click Execute button

Then Click the red RECORD button at rightmost of the bottom strip

You will see : REAL TIME on screen header

From from now on, AccomNET  automatically records and presents any user log in and out

You can try by logging from other (or same) computer with Username : q, password = q1.

The user q will appear automatically on the screen:

 3 .Now, maximize again the dash board, you will see that existing login Users (150 and 158) will be closed with <> , like this: <150>,< 158>.

Any login/logout will be updated immediately.


4 .Notes : The users t and q ared matched by declaring at  Employee -> “Employee dossier” (then click at Lense (Seacrh) Icon, then fill in LoginID column for Employee Code 150 and 180)


Working situation : Excel –like worksheet

At working situation, you can see how employees are working, with different colors for categories.

You can also write comments at each cell by adding:

-           Shift+ Enter (To add new line)

-          ===

-          Shift+ Enter (To add new line)

-          Your comments

The comments are saved automatically, and there is a comment indicator (upper right triangle)


View plan:

After inputting at Planning, you can see the plan for each employee


Attendance is recorded into:

-          TimeSheet (manually or paste from Excel)

-          Time Recorder (from punch machine or paste from Excel)

Then make payroll: (including social security, personal income tax etc)


Columns in payroll are flexible

-          Can be added, removed (pressing F11, like any other  Voucher screen)

-          Header can be defined in File-> Language->Column Header

-          Computation can be defined in Payroll-> Salary Formula

Personnel changes

Employee-> Personnel movement

Choose Employee, e.g 084 Huynh thi Thu Hang

All changes to any field of employee can be registered, and become History of changes for that employee.

Type of change begins with “C_” and then the field name, e.g: C_BasicSalary

Changes are entered into column :

-          A711NUMBER1 if the field is number(like Basic Salary)

-          A711STRING1 if the field is text (like Marital Status)

-          A711CHECK1 if the field is Yes/No  (like IsTest)

History can be seen at :

Employee-> Personnel movement

Or : Maintenance-> Employee-> Tab “Update” (“Cap Nhat”)



Crystal Report example: Labor Contract

Employee-> Labor Contract

Choose employee, e.g:  093 Dinh Van Trieu

Contents of labor contracts for Dinh Van Trieu  can be added here , columns LCA2, LCA2 ... are parts of labor contract.

When you click PRINT, the current contract (under cursor) is printed in Crystal Report (version 11) format for preview.

Technicians of users can modify Crystal Report  templates. Language for the report is defined in Language->Reports

For on line version, you can click at Excel, Word, PDF to have these formats in web browser.

For offline  version, you can click to export the report to various formats.



Dynamic feature:

AccomNET HR is dynamic in many aspects,among them:

1.       Menu : You can create your favorite menu at the right edge of the screen:

-          Right click in the main screen to show context menu

-          Tick ​​to lock MainMenu at: Lock / unlock the main Menu

-          Then you can go to the main menu above, select frequently used items , drag and drop on the word 'Favorite' or on any button below, to make a command button.

-          To delete a command button,  righ click it

-          Tick ​​to unlock Main  Menu at: Lock / unlock the main Menu  to enable its normal work

2.       Input screens/ report screens:

-          You can hide, unhide , order columns by declaring after pressing F11 (or  Ctrl+O in some cases)



-          For some forms, you can hide, unhide , set locations for input boxes by right click-> customize form . Then drag, drop or declaring boxes’ properties.